Acquiring a Bucket

In our Skype conversation yesterday, Mom mentioned an activity that she would like to add to her nonexistent bucket list.  Lyn chimed in "You don't have a bucket list."  We agreed, Mom didn't have a bucket list.

So, we asked Lyn why Mom couldn't have a bucket list.  Previously, when we asked, she said Mom wasn't allowed a bucket list.  She wasn't sure what it was, but Mom was not allowed to have one.  This time, she stated, "Because you don't have a bucket."  It was the most obvious thing to Lyn and she was a bit miffed that we didn't see the reason right off.

Given this new piece of information, Mom offered up "I could go get that old bucket of Grandpa's out of the garage and use it."  Lyn nixed that immediately.  Grandpa's bucket was not allowed in bucket list usage because it was "old and Grandpa's!"  She was insistent and was not happy when I suggested Mom needed a new bucket for her bucket list items.  "Each time you think of something, you can write it down and put it in your bucket."  Lyn shot me The Look.

Mom loved the idea but Lyn was clearly unhappy that this was not going the way she wanted.  I suggested they needed to get in the car and go to a store to buy Mom her bucket right then.  Hearing "get in the car and go to a store" was all Lyn needed.  She advocated for the shopping trip, regardless of the item to be purchased.

And they did just that!  They went to the store and found a bucket for Mom.  The first bucket they found had SpiderMan on it.  The second had SuperMan.  They decided those would be too tempting for any children that may visit.  Mom settled on a small gray bucket with a wrapped wire handle.  It is now sitting right near the computer and Lyn's not thrilled to know that Mom now has no reason to not have a bucket list.


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