Saving Face

Late last week, Mom swung into a candy store owned by some friends of the family.  She was introducing a new neighbor to this store.

We've known the owners of the store forever.  My grandmother taught not only the owner of the store, but also the owner's mother.  I think that puts our families in contact for about 50 years.  They make a peanut butter candy that Mom loves.  Lyn favors their chocolate peanut butter cups.  When I make my annual visit home, this is one of my stops and I stock up on an assortment of items, including their fudge laced with chili.

Lyn was at day hab and missed out on this little jaunt.

Mom ordered her usual and as the manager was bagging it up for her, he asked about Lyn.  Mom gave him an update and he expressed he was aware of her diagnosis.  He then asked Mom if she was going to share the candy with Lyn.  Mom let him know that she had no intention of sharing her candy with Lyn.  They both laughed and nothing more was said.  Both Mom and her neighbor paid for their purchases and headed out.

Once in the car, Mom opened her bag and found that not only had he given her more than she ordered of her favorite candy (he always does this to her), he had dropped in three chocolate peanut putter cups for Lyn.  Mom never saw him drop in the candies for Lyn and she knows he didn't charge her for them.  He likes to spoil favorite customers from time to time.  Mom got a chuckle out of his antics.

When Lyn got home, she spotted the bag from the candy store and knew immediately where Mom had stopped.  The bags are unmarked, but are distinctive nonetheless.  "You went there without me!" She was immediately angry.  Mom let her know it was a bit of a last minute stop but her tone of voice was not appreciated.  Maybe it indicated she was too tired to go out or she didn't need what was in the bag.  Lyn backed down a bit.

She reached for the bag and looked in.  She saw the chocolate peanut butter cups that she loves and her face softened.  However, she didn't feel that she could back down too much.  "At least he got that right" was her response.


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