Lyn does not like it when people use foul language.  It greatly upsets her.  Yes, there was the time she dropped an F-bomb on me a couple of years ago, but that's an exception with her and was very out of character.

One of the employees at day hab had been using foul language recently.  Lyn normally doesn't work with this employee but did while her primary care provider there was on vacation.  Each day, Lyn was getting more upset and the other employees were remarking on the change in her behavior.  After a couple of days, Lyn came out at the end of the day and sobbed "I just don't like (employee)."  It took a little bit of work, but Mom got Lyn to tell her what was upsetting her and learned it was the cursing.  Mom coached Lyn to tell the employee "I don't like it when you say that."

A couple of days went by and Lyn tried to avoid working with this employee, even offering to work in the office and help unpack one day.  Finally, she really couldn't avoid the employee any longer and said something.  Her statement brought the cursing to the attention of the day hab management and the employee has received a disciplinary note as a result.

We're disappointed that a day hab employee would choose to use foul language.  The clients do not deserve rude treatment and if they are frustrating to the point of cursing, then maybe the employee is in the wrong profession.

We're proud of Lyn for speaking up.  It is not an easy thing for her to do.


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