Computer Time

Lyn has had access to a computer for a number of yeas now.  I want to say a decade, but I could be wrong.  She likes to play solitaire and has been known to play it for hours.  As various computers have come through the home, she's asked for continued access to one.  This request is so incredibly easy to honor.  When we bring in a new machine, the older is allocated to her.

Very quickly, we learned that all she wanted was solitaire.  She  doesn't want to go on the internet and email has always been beyond her capabilities.  There are times when she'll open the file manager and scroll through any pictures that may be stored on the computer.  That's it.  That's the extent of her computer skills or desired usage.

Playing Solitaire

She doesn't play much on her computer any more.  It is still set up in her room, however.  When I see her in a couple of weeks, I'll see if she reaches down for Nikka the way she did with Griz.


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