Documented Change

Changes in Lyn have happened at a pace that seems rapid to us this past year.  We noted here many of the changes when they happen like yesterday's observation of her not knowing where to sit in Church.  Our notes, however, are just observations which one can easily argue are subjective.  At best, they provide anecdotal evidence for what is happening with my sister.  There have been opportunities this past year for objective measures to be taken of Lyn.  For example, she was subjected to the multiple days of the neuro-psych evaluation.

In May, Lyn received her annual Speech Language Pathology Re-Evaluation.  This evaluation was performed by her speech pathologist.

Lyn has started regularly drooling during waking hours.  She is frequently unaware of the drool.

Lyn has difficulty following multiple directions or lengthy conversations.  She will indicate that she understands even when she does not.  She will forget details when speaking of an event and she interjects comments that are unrelated to the conversation at hand.  She is having difficulty in her conversational transitions and verb tenses.  Both can confuse her listeners.

Using the Expressive One Word Vocabulary Test, Lyn's score indicates an age equivalency of 6 years of age.  Her last vocabulary evaluation indicated she had the verbal skills of a nine year old.

This decline of three years in her available vocabulary really surprised Mom and she needed some time to accept the results of this evaluation.  We've noted the drooling and conversational challenges for some time.  The vocabulary score is more objective than our perception that she's inserting more non-sequiters into the conversation.


  1. I feel for Lyn, and you Helen. I was taken aback by the fact that Lyn is drooling. You have had some hard choices, but the hardest choice perhaps,
    is coming.


  2. Thank you for your comment, Ron. I will make sure that Mom reads it. It is amazing how much has changed this past year. Mom is well aware of the hardest choice to which you refer. We have touched on it a time or two in our conversations. Thank you for your thoughts and your continued reading.


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