Years ago, when my husband and I lived in Virginia Beach, Lyn and Mom liked to visit a diner called the Purple Cow when they came to town.  Whenever they did, Lyn always wanted to get some of their purple vanilla ice cream.  Sometimes, she wanted a scoop in a bowl with sprinkles.  One time, we convinced her to get a purple vanilla milkshake.  We wanted to take it to go because we were heading down to the Cavalier Hotel and its beach front property to walk in the sand for a bit.

Lyn enjoyed her milkshake and the super saturated dye left its mark.

Lyn was mad at me for snapping a picture of her tongue.  It was worth her ire.

Happy Monday.  If you're having a bad day, may Lyn's charming expression give you a lift.  If not, maybe you should make that expression to the day and see what happens from there.


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