Exploring Her Options

Lyn has heard for several years that she "has options."  This phrase is regularly used by her team and they've taught her that she is empowered to make choices on her own.  This week, she decided to explore her options.

Her favorite care provider at day hab has been away on vacation. Lyn's also been recovering from an ear infection.  During the evening of the fourth, during diner, Lyn announced "I know I have options." Mom confirmed that she has options. said that maybe tomorrow (Thursday), she wouldn't feel very good and her ear would still hurt.  Mom assured her that her ear shouldn't be hurting since she's been on the prescription for a week and it hasn't been hurting for a couple of days.  Mom went on to assure Lyn that the cursing would not happen any more.  She would have fun if she went and be missed if she didn't.

Yesterday morning, Lyn again started talking about having options.  Mom again assured her that day hab would be fine and Lyn accepted this with a simple "Ok."  Mom promised that she would have her cell phone on her "just in case" as she always does.

Lyn went and had a good time.  They went for a walk and spent some time after lunch coloring.  She just wanted to make sure she still had options.


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