Dark Shadows

The dollar movie at the theater last week was a showing of Dark Shadows, the movie remake of a 1960's gothic soap opera.  The movie is a horror comedy with the main character of a vampire.

Lyn doesn't like going to movies much, especially live action movies.  Dark Shadows was not a good choice.  She was so confused and thought it was real.  She was very upset by the "red on their necks" even though she didn't realize it was supposed to be blood.  She wanted to leave but knew she would not be allowed to hang out in the lobby until the movie was over and everyone else was ready to leave.

That night, Mom was afraid Lyn would have nightmares because of how much the movie upset her.  Mom talked to Lyn about how it was just pretend.  "You know how if you spilled ketchup on your arm it would look like blood?"  Lyn thought about it.  "Well, it is like that.  It was jut pretend."  It took some time for Mom to convince Lyn that no one in the movie had been hurt and that it was all just special effects and pretend to tell a scary and silly story.

Lyn didn't nightmare, thankfully.  However, it points out that someone made a choice without factoring in the confusion that goes along with dementia.  It may be that Lyn is no longer able to tell if a live action movie is a documentary or not.  In the past, she would not have enjoyed the movie and may have even been a bit scared by it.  She would have known it was pretend though.   If she can no longer differentiate between reality and special effects, then maybe she should only go to the dollar movie when it is showing a cartoon.


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