Consistent Contact

In the year since Lyn's diagnosis there have been very few weeks that we have not been able to have a face to face conversation via Skype.  This weekend is one of those times and it is adding to the loop that Lyn is currently in because we knew in advance the conversation would not happen.  We let Lyn know not only that the conversation could not happen this weekend, we also told her why.

Lyn knows our annual patterns and knows that this trip with my family to visit my in-laws is as much an annual event as is our trip to visit her and Mom.  She knows where we are going, who we are going to see and when we will return.  None of this makes the disruption in her routine easy for her.  She just knows that we won't be speaking on the computer and she won't see us this week.

Yesterday, when she was up and ready for the day, she asked Mom at least four times about having a call with us.  Each time, Mom explained why it would not happen this week.  Each time, Lyn nodded and said "Yes.  That's right."

I don't think she's forgotten that we won't be speaking.  Both Mom and I believe that she's aware of the change in routine and is just trying to process it.  Mom assures Lyn that we'll be back in time for next week's call.

It is noteworthy to realize just how much these conversations have come to mean to all of us.  They're mundane events.  They happen each week on a very regular schedule.  We all know that for an hour or two each week, we'll be on the computers just chatting.  There's nothing major really discussed.  Each of my children make an appearance.  Some weeks, they have little to say other than "Hi Grandma" and "Hi Aunt Lyn."  Other weeks, you can hardly get a word in edgewise because they want to be center stage so much.  I could probably list off my shopping list to Lyn.  If I did, she'd listen and look serious while offering commentary on the available brands or sale prices.  Really, it doesn't matter what we discuss.  The important part is that they are consistent.

That consistent contact is meaningful to all of us; myself included.


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