Bowling Bag

Lyn has been bowling for a significant portion of her life.  In that time, she's probably gone through three or four bowling bags.  In her bowling bag, she carries her bowling shoes and her ball.  Her current bag is one I gave her for Christmas about 7 years ago.  She and Mom were coming for Christmas that year and a comment was made that she needed a new bag.  I found a local pro shop and found a black and purple bag for her.  It is a basic bag with only three or four zippers on it.  She's had similar bags since she started bowling.

This week, Mom was the one to take her to bowling.  When it was time for Lyn to get her shoes on and pull out her bowling ball, she turned to Mom for help.  Lyn had no idea which of the two large zippers would give her access to her ball.  She knew which one would open to her shoes and couldn't figure out that the other large zipper would open to her ball.  Mom got her situated.

When it was time to bowl, her Special Olympics scores were lower than last week.

If she's having an off day, like this Thursday was, then her scores reflect it.  The interesting thing about this week is that after her respite provider arrived, Lyn switched over to bowling just for fun.  Her first two games, noted above were a 92 and a 109.  Her second round of games were 115 and 112.  It is a modest increase, but an increase nonetheless.


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