Nightly Rituals

Animals can have a huge impact on our lives.  They can bring unconditional and unrestrained love.  Nikka has done this for Lyn.  While she may have said that she didn't want another dog after Griz died, Nikka has proven to be the right dog at the right time.  Mom adopted Nikka in the hopes having a dog for herself.  Mom may pay for Nikka's food and vet bills, but really, Nikka is all Lyn's.

Lyn and Nikka have developed routines in how they interact.  Nikka has to be with Lyn, preferably in actual contact with her as much as is possible.  As a result, each night, when Lyn settles in to watch some tv, Nikka drapes herself over Lyn's lap.

Nikka would be a lap dog if she was allowed on the furniture.  She's not allowed on the furniture, but she's allowed to rest her chest and legs on Lyn's lap.

One of the other things that Nikka does is something that Lyn has dubbed "push-offs."  She will lay on her side in front of a piece of furniture and then push off of it to slither across the floor to reach her ball or Lyn.

Lyn finds this activity to be hysterical and will laugh until the tears flow.

I'm not sure what Nikka's going to do when Lyn's no longer around.  I'm just glad she's in Lyn's life now when she's bringing so much love and joy into my sister's life.


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