A Singular Moment

My eldest's birthday is rapidly approaching and will be celebrated with Lyn while we visit.  This thought made me recall the  time when I told Mom and Lyn that I was pregnant.

They had come to visit at Christmas and I had to explain a change in our planned activities for the week.  I had a doctor's appointment scheduled that conflicted with our original plans.  Mom was shocked but quickly recovered into delight.  Lyn seemed to take it in stride.

A couple of days later, I had the appointment with my doctor.  The nurse ushered me back to the exam room where an ultrasound was performed to confirm my pregnancy.  I did the math and realized that this ultrasound was probably going to be the only one that Mom and Lyn would be able to see during my pregnancy.  So, I asked the nurse if they could join me.  She kindly called my family back when she let the doctor know that I was ready.

Mom, Lyn and my husband were quickly escorted into the room.  Before the door closed, another face popped it.  It was one of my former roommates, a good friend.  She was leaving and encountered my family in the waiting room.  They grabbed her and brought her along for the exam.  The nurse stood to block her and said "You can't be in here!"  She wasn't one of the people I had identified after all, and the nurse was protecting her patient.  We immediately assured her it was OK.  She was family too.

They all squeezed in and the doctor quickly came in as well.  They had to squeeze in around the exam table that I was stretched out on.  The doctor reached up to perform the ultrasound again and I looked between my knees towards Mom and Lyn.

Poor Lyn!  She looked like she was going to pass out.  She was so uncomfortable.  I was draped but it wasn't 100% effective and Lyn was getting more of a show than she that for which she was prepared.  She didn't understand what the doctor was doing, was pinned in a corner and couldn't understand what the ultrasound was showing on screen.

I motioned to Mom with my eyes.  Mom is very attuned to Lyn and how she's doing.  Mom directed Lyn to look at the screen where the doctor was explaining how far into my pregnancy I was.  At the same time, Mom put a hand of each of my knees and shifted, effectively blocking my sister's view while still staying out of the doctor's reach.

Lyn was happy to get out of the exam room.  Later in the day, she began to understand that she was going to be an aunt.

She's a good aunt and even if she was uncomfortable, I am glad I was able to share that day with her.




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