Over the years, Lyn has gone through many, many workbooks.  She particularly favored math workbooks.

She would sit for hours writing in them and placing numbers in the answer spot for the exercises.  Very rarely, if a question as a simple equation like 1+1, she might actually get it right.  At other times, as in this picture, she would just copy words or names down from other books.  There was a time when we knew where every teacher supply store in town were located.

She no longer works on her workbooks and no longer asks for them for her Birthday or Christmas.  It is just another change in her behavior and another lost skill.

Her bowling continues, however.  


  1. Many yrs ago mom taught her how to find the answer pgs in the back of a wkbook. She would then simply copy the answers so each pg in a math book was always correct.

  2. I had forgotten about that! Thank you for the reminder about Grandma teaching Lyn how to fill out the book.

  3. In my book that's cheating. But what do I know.......


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