Giving Yourself Permission

Caregivers often don't give themselves permission to enjoy their live outside of caring for their loved one.  For many reasons, they may put their lives on hold.  There may be logistics problems with coordinating a back up care provider.  There may not be a back up care provider.  The caregiver may have a feeling of guilt when engaged in an activity that doesn't directly pertain to the care of their loved one.  However, this adds stress to the caregiver and makes the job of providing care that much harder.

Caregivers need to give themselves permission to continue as much of their lives as possible.  The Caregivers Support Network offers up this set of oaths that are geared for the caregivers about themselves.


Take Care Of Myself

Seek Support

     Accept Help
Get Answers
Stay Open To Change

  Be Satisfied With Doing My Best

Enjoy Time Away From My Loved One, Without Guilt

Maintain Relationships With Friends, Family, Co-workers & Community

Set Goals, Pursue Dreams And Remember To Live My Life

If you are a caregiver, please consider caring for yourself just as important as the care you provide your loved one.


  1. So true. that's why today 2 neighbors & I drove 80 miles to buy a mug


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