Pacing Visits

Since my family and I are only able to return to New Mexico for a week's vacation each year, we've typically packed as much into the eek as possible.  We would try to arrange a barbecue or dinner party to invite groups of friends or family over for a concentrated visit.  We really can't do that anymore with Lyn.  She gets too agitated and we risk a breakdown.

This year, Mom arranged four visits with only a couple of people each to allow us to see friends and family while not overly stressing out my sister.  It was a challenge for Mom to arrange all these visits, but it was worth it.  The side effect was that we were unable to travel outside the city to do any day trips as we had hoped.  The sites will be there for future visits, however.

On Sunday, Mom hosted two dear friends of mine who, surprisingly, had never met each other before.  They went to different schools, but my friendships with them had overlapped.  It was a pretty relaxed evening and Lyn was in good form.

On Wednesday, our cousin and his children were able to visit.  We missed seeing his wife who was home ill.  Their visit was complicated by school having already started for the children.  Lyn did pretty well.  However, she disappeared at one point to bathe and get ready for bed.  Her evening was over as far as she was concerned.  As the evening progressed, she was increasingly agitated, but she kept it together pretty well.

On Thursday, we were visited by Father T.  He's a long-time family friend and our family's former priest.  He's retired now.  One of the local nuns with whom he's good friends also joined the visit.  This visit was for a couple of hours in the early afternoon.  Lyn was happy to see Father T and Sister.  After initial hugs and kisses, she sat and listened for a little while before heading to the table to color for the rest of their visit.

On Friday, one of our uncles visited in the afternoon.  He's one of Lyn's favorites and she was happy to see him.  Lyn had decided to keep her normal Friday time with her respite provider and left before our uncle departed.

This was the first time we had to really spread out the visits with friends and family.  There were, of course, others who we would have liked to visit with, but time and schedules didn't always allow for it. As much as we would like to see them, keeping Lyn from a situation we know will result in a breakdown is our priority.


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