Recent Clinical Trials News

Numerous clinical trials are being conducted to test different potential treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.  The trials are a necessary step to determine if a treatment is not only effective, but also safe.

Recently, a clinical trial for Bapineuzumab by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson had to be stopped because it was found to not be effective in improving cognitive functions any more than a placebo could.  Bapineuzumab was designed to treat mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's.  It was controversial because the patients being treated were already fighting the disease.

A similar drug, Solanezumab by Eli Lilly has also failed to slow cognitive decline in late stage clinical trials.

Another drug in clinical trials is Gammaguard by Baxter.  It is an immunoglobulin liquid which is approved for treating immune deficiency disorders.  It is currently in an early stage trial which will last another three years.

Gammaguard or another drug may one day prove effective and make it through the trial process.


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