Her Long Wait

Lyn has waited for nearly a decade to get her revenge on me for the Busch Gardens prank.  Her ire would be raised anytime she was reminded of my prank.  Each time, she swore anew that she would get me one day.

I have no idea what precipitated her attempt, but she finally decided she had a way to get back at me.  She and her respite provider were out and about when Mom picked us up from the airport.  When their time together came to a close for the day, they returned home where we were already waiting.

Lyn walked in, about to burst.  She was already giggling and backing up against a wall.  Her respite provider had to take the lead and describe how they went out to lunch before going to their tattoo appointment.  Lyn had tears streaming down her face through her laughter.  She just knew she was getting back at me good.

Lyn stopped squirming long enough to reveal a mandala tattoo on her arm, a flower on her ankle and a couple of hearts on her lower back.

I made a fuss about her "tramp stamp" and she squirmed and giggled all the more.  

She was so proud of pulling a brilliant trick on me.

It was a long wait, but Lyn felt she had really gotten me good.


  1. She's still telling people about "getting her back". Last night she began telling a neighbor and started laughing so hard. Yes, in her mind it was Pay Back big time. lol, go figure.


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