A Splash and ...

Nearly a decade ago, Mom and Lyn visited us in Virginia Beach.  One of the scheduled activities was a trip to Williamsburg to enjoy Busch Gardens.  It was a hot and sticky Virginia Summer day.

As we approached the Escape from Pompeii ride, a boat ride with a huge splash finale, I realized there was an opportunity to pull a prank on Lyn.  She wasn't paying much attention and there was several minutes between each boat's plunge down the last slide.  At the bottom of the slide, there is a viewing area which juts out quite far into the water.  If you stand there, you will get drenched.  I had been to the park before and knew this.  So, I convinced Lyn to come to the viewing platform with me, asking people to step aside so my sister could watch the boat slide down the ramp.  Amazingly, no one said a word to stop me.  They moved aside, letting Lyn get right up to the railing, my hand on her shoulder.  There were some knowing smiles shot back and forth, but the other guests quickly joined in on the joke.

The doors at the top of the ride opened.  I took my hand off her shoulder and pointed out that the boat was coming.  It was time to watch it come down the slide.  She turned to look and I ducked out of there as fast as the crowd would let me.  Mom and my husband were off to the side, watching and waiting.  They knew what I was up to.  The boat hesitated at the top of the slide and then plunged.  I had timed it particularly well as there was a rather large gentleman in the front seat of the boat.  It hit the bottom and a wall of water erupted out, soaking Lyn to the bone.  She turned, furious and sputtering.  I was clutching my sides, howling with laughter.  The crowd around Lyn was squealing and laughing.  Mom and my husband were as well.

Lyn could hardly speak through her rage.  Mom pointed out that at least Lyn was cooler now that she was wet.  She was mad that I had tricked her.  She was mad that her clothes were dripping and her shoes were squelching.  The more I tried to apologize, the madder she got.  The madder she got, the more I couldn't contain my giggles.

As we continued around the park, she wouldn't talk or even stand near me.  She decided she had a grudge and that she would one day get revenge on me for tricking her like that.

Her wait began.


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