In a Different Time Zone

I think Lyn has shifted to a different time zone.

Lyn and Mom attended church at their old parish because their current parish was hosting their annual fiesta.  The fiesta is a pretty big event and lots of people who rarely attend come participate.  It is a busy, packed time for the church which Lyn does not enjoy.

While at their old parish, Lyn was content and comfortable.  She told Mom she wanted to go to that church instead of their current parish where she's been increasingly lost and uncomfortable.  The old parish is the familiar one now.

Mom has thought about it and decided it may be for the best if they switch back.  It is not a significant distance to drive and Mom has been stepping back from her responsibilities with the church because of the needs of caring for Lyn.  If Lyn is more comfortable in one building instead of a different one, then there is value in that change.

On a slightly different but closely related note, Lyn is distraught over her PBR hat.  She left it at the home of her respite provider.  Her respite provider tried to bring it to Mom but appears to have lost it en route.  Lyn is bouncing between anger and sadness.  It was her favorite hat and the only one Mom can get her to wear in the sun.  She does not think this is "an Oh Well."

Lyn has had the hat for a couple of years having purchased it at one of the bull riding events there in town.  I've checked ebay and currently there are none available that matches her lost hat.


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