Been A While

I spoke with Mom and Lyn last night to see how their week has been going since our return home.  It was a busy week and Lyn's schedule was pretty much out the window.  This week, her schedule is still different because her respite provider is starting classes at the University again and having to switch away from her summer schedule to her more restricted academic schedule.  These two weeks are causing confusion with Lyn as these changes are difficult for her to keep up with.

On Wednesday night as Mom was reviewing what Lyn would need for her day hab field trip to the zoo, Lyn was unable to find her PBR hat.  She wanted to wear it to keep the sun out of her eyes.  It turns out she had forgotten it with her respite provider Friday night.  Lyn wanted to get in touch with her right then to retrieve the hat.  Mom explained that was not possible.  Lyn was very out of sorts.

Over the course of the evening, she asked Mom numerous times why her respite provider would not be able to take her bowling Thursday.  Mom and the respite provider have been telling Lyn for a couple of weeks about the change in the respite schedule and the start of school.  Lyn can no longer keep the thought in mind.  It is not connecting.  Yesterday, Lyn asked early in the morning if her respite provider would take her to bowling in the afternoon.  Mom had to explain several more times that the schedule has changed.

Once at day hab, Lyn was excited to go to the zoo.  She had told Mom a couple of times that she had not been to the zoo in a long time.  When I spoke to Lyn on the phone, she was excited and wanted to tell me about her trip to the zoo.  I asked "When did you last go?"  Lyn replied "It has been a while."  She then proceeded to tell me about seeing the baby monkeys and the black leopard and eating lunch at the zoo.  I asked "Have you eaten at the zoo before?"  "Yes!  It was a long time ago."  I told her that it sounded like a very good day.

We went last to the zoo Tuesday while in town.  We ate our lunch at the cafe in the middle of the zoo and rode the train over to the aquarium for an hour before returning to the zoo where our car was parked.  Lyn was with us the full day.  She even cried on the return train from the aquarium to the zoo. I did not remind her of our recent visit.  After speaking to her, Mom came back on the line and confirmed that Lyn has no recollection of last week's zoo trip.

After the zoo, Lyn did go bowling.  Her second game was quite good.


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