An Impromptu Adventure

Yesterday, Mom and Lyn went to breakfast with their neighbor.  The day was beautiful and Mom knew none of them had any set plans for the day.  Their neighbor is a lovely lady who is ready to jump in the car at the word "go" like Lyn.

On the way home, Mom turned towards Rio Rancho instead of continuing straight to their neighborhood.  Lyn and the neighbor were convinced that Mom had gotten confused about where they were going.  Mom had an impromptu idea for them to go to Jemez.  They thought it was a great idea.

When they go up into the Jemez area, they chanced upon a farmer's market.  Mom pulled in and they all got out to peruse the offerings.  They ended up buying corn, zucchini, yellow tomatoes and onions along with a fresh apple pie which was still warm from the oven.  The woman who sold them the pie had picked enough apples that morning to whip up six pies.  Lead by their noses, they walks "across the way" where they found fresh fry bread which they added to their haul.

From there they drove on into the village and beyond to Soda Dam before turning around to return home, stopping at the Visitor Center on the way back through.  Lyn was in a good mood and kept talking about how they "need to do Santa Fe."  For Lyn, this means driving up in the morning, doing some window shopping and having lunch before returning home.  Mom promised they would go to Santa Fe before it gets too chilly to enjoy walking around the Plaza.


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