A Very PBR Christmas

Lyn's difficult to shop for and is playing a bit coy this year.  She apparently already told Santa what she wants for Christmas.  When Mom asked her what she told him, Lyn just tells her "Let's just wait and find out what Santa brings me."  I think that's just her trying to cover that she either doesn't know what she wants or doesn't remember what she has requested.  We do know she's asked for a pencil.

There's a part of me that feels like I should get Lyn more for Christmas than what is on its way.  There's another part of me that recognizes that she's actually going to be thrilled about her Christmas gifts.  Well... I hope she'll be thrilled.

Lyn has a deep love for the PBR and all the riders.  She keeps her signed programs from previous PBR events in Albuquerque easily accessible and can get them out in a flash.  Knowing this, Mom suggested we get Lyn a PBR shirt for Christmas.  I've ordered one and hope it arrives in time.  However, I wasn't sure that a single shirt was a good enough gift to make her happy.

Much to my surprise, the PBR doesn't currently sell plush bulls.  It just seemed like an obvious piece of marketing to me.  I'm not in Marketing so my opinion is irrelevant to a company looking to make money.  However, I did find one from an earlier year with its original tags still attached available on ebay.  It should arrive in time for me to take it to NM before Christmas.

Fingers crossed that she likes her PBR Christmas gifts.


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