Mom and I both have Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) which is usually in remission.  Mom is wading through a nasty bout currently and the pains are coming in waves.  The pains can be debilitating and interrupt every aspect of your life including sleep.

The other night, Mom had a particularly rough time in the small hours of the morning.  The stabs of pain were coming almost in time with her heart beats.  After about two hours, she was out again.  She doesn't know if she fell back to sleep or if she passed out from the pain.  When next she looked at the clock it was 8:15.  Nikka was still on her bed.  Mom got up and found Lyn already fully dressed and ready.  Mom hurriedly dressed to take Lyn to day hab.

During the ride, she asked Lyn if she had come into the bedroom to check on her.  "Yes, but I knew you needed to sleep."  Mom asked Lyn to try and wake her in the future.  If Mom doesn't wake up, she's to call 911.  Lyn got mad at that suggestion.  That night, Lyn asked if they were both going to bed early.  Mom agreed they were and reminded Lyn to call 911 if she doesn't wake up.  Lyn just grunted in response.

Mom set her alarm for a 7am start.  She was able to get up and was having less pain that day.  A few minutes later, Lyn came down the hall and spotted Mom feeding Nikka.  Lyn announced "At least I don't have to make sure you could wake up!"  She flipped around and marched back to her room.

Mom and I both laughed over this.


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