Three Day Tear

Lyn's been in a mood for the past couple of days.  Mom has no idea why but it is like Lyn's looking for a fight.  In all honesty, it is the dementia talking.  We just don't know what set her off this time.

She was happy to see our Uncle when he came for a visit.  However, she wasn't thrilled that the visit included more than just him.  Within five minutes, she decided it was her job to make sure his 4 year old grandchild didn't get into anything.  The child was very well behaved but Lyn didn't even want the child to come near the Christmas tree.

Mom's neighbor is out of town and asked Mom and Lyn to collect the mail.  The neighbor called and asked Mom to open a package to confirm that a particular item had actually arrived.  Mom opened the package and then returned it to the bag with the rest of the mail.  When Lyn put the daily mail in, she came out and got quite upset with Mom.  Mom had to calm her down before Lyn could accept that the neighbor had requested the package should be opened.

Last night, when I called to check on them, Lyn announced to Mom that I was "tired and had to go."  This announcement is usually reserved for after Lyn's had her conversation with me.  During this call, she didn't want to talk to me and kept pushing for Mom to get off the phone.  Mom acknowledged to Lyn that she was right because I was yawning and clearly tired.  However, we kept talking.

On days like this, Mom tries to confirm to Lyn that she is heard and her comments are understood.  She tries to redirect Lyn and to not respond with anger.  It is hard though to have someone being so openly critical and attempting to control your actions.  But, it is the disease talking and in a day or two or three, she'll be less confrontational.


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