Santa's Message

Once again, I used the services of the Portable North Pole to craft a message for Lyn from Santa.  To say it was a big hit was an understatement!

She was so excited that she was literally on the edge of her seat, nearly tipping the chair over.  Her jaw dropped when she saw that he had a picture of her and said that he remembered her from when she was little.  She knows that I asked him to contact her because the video tells her.  However, she doesn't understand that the video is the result of selecting prerecorded options.  That's OK.  She doesn't need to understand.

She gets so excited and is just so happy about these little videos that I'm happy to have this service available to use for her.  It makes her day each time she watches it.  She may not watch the classic holiday specials any longer, but this is still magic.  As long as Santa's message evokes this in her, I'll keep doing it.


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