Human Anatomy

Buying presents for Lyn is always a challenge.  She used to like math work books and puzzles.  She has hundreds of pencils and dozens of shirts.  She's particular about what she likes and obvious about what she doesn't.

We usually start pretty early in the fall asking what she'd like for Christmas.  She would tell us her desired gifts and we'd take note.  It was usually one of the items listed above so it was pretty easy even if it was repetitious.  Then there was the year in the mid 1990's that she announced she wanted a book about the body.

I asked several times to make sure that I understood her correctly and she remained steadfast in her desire for a book.

And that's exactly what she got.  She was happy.

That was actually a good year for her as far as presents were concerned.  She was happy with all she received.  She still uses that robe and eventually wore out the Tigger slippers.  She still has the book though I don't think she looks at it any longer.

Update:  This year was also good.  She was pleased with her presents and seems to particularly like the stuffed PBR bull that I found for her.  Dementia is making her harder to buy for, but she was giggling over the toy while telling the dog "No.  This is mine!"


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