Define Long-Distance

Yesterday, Mom, Lyn and I had our regular Skype conversation.  Lyn was a bit put out and decided to express her discontent.

Mom had a phone call from a friend in Scotland the night before.  Lyn was watching TV and Mom took the call into her room for a little privacy.  This made Lyn mad.  She was angry that Mom was "tying up the line."  She didn't want Mom to talk in the other room.  She wanted Mom to sit with her while she watched TV.  Lyn's gotten a little more cantankerous when Mom's on the phone with me.  She'll frequently tell Mom that I'm "tired and must go now."  It is her attempt to get Mom off the phone.  Lyn prefers to be the center of Mom's attention at all times.

I asked Lyn if she new that our phone calls were long-distance.  She told me that our calls were "sometimes long-distance."  I asked if it was OK for Mom to talk on the phone or if that bothered her.  She said it was OK.  She then went into detail how it was not good for Mom to talk on the phone to Scotland for so long because it was MORE long-distance than our calls.

Neither Mom nor I could argue with that.  We both got the giggles.  We assured Lyn that she was absolutely right.  Scotland is further from New Mexico than Virginia.  Lyn was adamant.  Fortunately, she wasn't offended by our laughter which quickly went from giggles to full guffaws.

I really enjoy these moments of spontaneous hilarity.  I'm sure that my recounting it does not do it justice.  However, when she's insistent and the demand is absurd, it is better to laugh than get upset about it.  Lyn's logic is all hers.  It doesn't have to make sense to the rest of us.


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