And I'm Off

I'm en route to New Mexico today.  I'm fortunate enough to work for a company which is well set up for telecommuting.  My manager and the majority of my team all work from their homes.  As a result, when I asked my manager if I could work from Mom's house, I was given approval.  So, right after work today, my husband will drop me at the airport and I'll spend the evening hours flying to Mom's.  

A year ago, I told her not to get used to a mid-holiday visit when I flew out.  I reminded her of that again this year when I purchased my tickets.  I'm not sure either of us was really listening.  As much as we enjoy the summer visit with my children and husband present, there's a different quality to the visit when it is use the three of us girls.  

Lyn's very excited that I'll be there this week.  She knows I have to work while I'm there.  She doesn't know that I'm actually taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days to just hang out with them.  We really want to keep her schedule as normal as possible because she does better when her day is as normal as possible.


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