When we lived in Virginia Beach, Mom and Lyn came out to visit us at Christmas a couple of times.  One of the things we liked to do was visit the beach front even in winter.  While the majority of the shops were closed, there are a number of places that stay open all year.  One of them is the Cavalier Hotel.

It is a grand old hotel that was built in the mid-1920's.  Decades later, a sister hotel was built across the street.  Annually, the chefs for the hotels work together to build a gingerbread version of the original hotel.  The gingerbread version is truly impressive at nearly five feet to a side.

Lyn enjoyed going to the hotel to look at this creation.  She would exclaim over the details, pointing out the different candies she could recognize and the different details around the display.

This is one of the pictures that Lyn took during one of our visits.


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