TEASC Check In

After Lyn's visit with the neurologist last week, a member of the TEASC committee happened to call and check up on her.  The committee had committed to checking with Mom "in a few months" to see how things were going and how they could be of additional service.

The caller was the therapist on the team.  She asked if Mom had questions.   Mom let her know that Lyn was doing OK.  She has good days and bad days.  Mom did raise the question about the agoraphobia diagnosis.  The therapist said that she didn't know why the previous diagnosis of atypical Sundowner's was dismissed in place of a diagnoses of agoraphobia.  "Perhaps the team misunderstood" what we were telling them.  Lyn's not afraid to leave the house or engage in social situations.  In fact, she is quite the opposite.  She's out of the house 6 days a week and looks forward to going out.  Lyn becomes uncomfortable and somewhat anxious when out after dark.  The therapist agreed that this didn't sound like agoraphobia.

The therapist has promised to check with the team and call back.  Mom wants to get this corrected because, based on this report, Lyn's primary health care provider is listing agoraphobia as the diagnosis having deleted the Sundowner's diagnosis.  She explained to Mom that she defers to this committee's findings even though she doesn't agree with it.  The impact of this is that it could substantially change how the State manages Lyn's case.


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