Back in the Saddle

The past few days were spent in New Mexico with Mom and Lyn.  It was a short trip but well worth the effort.  I arrived late Tuesday night and was only able to stay until early Saturday.  However, my time was primarily dedicated to Mom.  My job this trip was to just be there for and with her.

We chatted and laughed.  I washed her dog and helped clean spilled butter off the floor.  I distracted Lyn and got her to focus on me for a bit.

Lyn asked me if I wanted more placemats.  I added two to my carry-on.

She asked if she could show me her rubber stamps.  We looked at all of her large ones.  When I asked if she wanted the container with the minis, she was dismissive of them.  I waited until she went to the bathroom and retrieved the mini stamps.  She didn't bat an eye over their sudden appearance.  We looked them over and she ended up making a Christmas card for my husband.  She even used the mini stamps, many of which had never been used before.

In between, Mom and I chatted and laughed some more.  It was definitely worth the travel.


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