All the Jumping

Yesterday, Mom and Lyn attended the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet at the Kimo Theater.  It was a big hit with Lyn.

They arrived a little early, allowing them to park in the garage less than a block from the theater.  They were allowed into the lobby and had a half hour wait before the doors to the auditorium were opened to allow guests to find their seats.  The theater staff were selling mementos related to the performance; nutcrackers of various sizes, ornaments shaped like dancers and ballet shoes.  Lyn bought a pair of socks with nutcrackers on them.  She's very happy with her purchase.

Mom writes:

When the ballet started she sat up straight and leaned forward a bit.  Our seats were perfect, last row, seats at the aisle.  She LOVED it.  She applauded when others did and oohhhed & ahhhhhed quite often.  For 2 hours, she was enthralled with it all.  When it ended, we were able to be one of the first out of the theater and headed to the car.  She was cold and the wind must have been 35-40mph.  I had parked close to the entrance so within 2 minutes, we were out of our seats and back in the car.  

On the way home I asked what she thought and she said "I loved it and want to go next year."  What did she like the best?  "All the jumping."

There's another ballet in Feb, The Wizard of Oz and I think I'll get tickets.  


  1. I love it! So glad you had such a good experience!


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