Closing Out 2012

This past year with Lyn has been interesting.  

She went through more tests and evaluations and was finally, officially diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease.  (We still disagree with the psychologist's finding of agoraphobia, however.)  She's exhibited many changes this year and shows us that her changes are happening at a rapid pace.  This is typical of early on-set Alzheimer's.  

With the rate her changes are happening, we really cannot even speculate as to how she will be in six months from now.  So, we'll take each day as it comes and look for those moments when we can watch her laugh at Nikka or where we can laugh because of something she's done.  Those moments really are treasured because they lighten an otherwise challenging day.

What I do know is that in 2013, Mom and I will continue to speak several times each week.  I will continue write Dementia be Damned and look for Alzheimer's news to share.  Mom really shoulders the burden of Lyn's care and I will continue to do what I can to help.  Some days, it feels insufficient.

I'm proud of my Mom for all she does for Lyn.  I cannot imagine the difficulty of watching your child struggle with a terminal disease, knowing your child will die before you.  Mom knows what she's facing as she dealt with much of this with my Grandmother in the 1990's.  The ironic part of our conversations about Lyn and what she's experiencing is that we find commonalities.  There are behaviors that my 41 year old sister with Alzheimer's has in common with my 6 year old child who has PTSD.  These commonalities never cease to strike us and we find that they allow us to understand each other and our daily lives a bit better.

So, as 2012 comes to an end, I hope you will continue to read and share Lyn's journey with us.  It amazes and pleases us greatly when someone comments on something they've read here.  Thank you for that.

May the New Year bring you happiness!



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