Bowling Distractions

Lys's respite provider was unavailable yesterday.  Mom told Lyn that was no problem.  She would take Lyn to Special Olympics bowling.  Lyn refused to go.

When asked why, Lyn explained that she does not like bowling with one of the male bowlers.  His girlfriend shares the lane with Lyn.  He bowls in the next lane.  During the course of practice, the couple interacts with each other and end up hugging, tickling and laughing.  This is a big distraction to Lyn and makes her angry.

This has only been going on for a few month with this couple.  The girls have been bowling together for years, however.  None of the girls want to change lane partners either.  When the distraction has been raised to the coaches, the reaction is that the bowling is "just for fun" and they will not intervene.

Lyn no longer wants to deal with the boyfriend as is willing to skip bowling as a result.  She will tell this to Mom.  We don't know if she will tell this to her respite provider next Thursday.  Mom hesitates from suggesting that Lyn stop going because Lyn will stop completely.  If she stops, which we actually anticipate will happen soon, she will miss out on a stimulating activity.


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