Names are Challenging

Names are becoming more of a challenge for Lyn.  She is working hard to get them right, but she's now starting to struggle with the names of my children.  I am not correcting her or completing the word for her because I don't want to call attention to the stumble and make her feel poorly.  However, I notice it and know it means that the damage to her brain is growing.  

When she sees my kids on the computer, she's either able to recall their names or covers with conversational tricks like "Hi sweetie!" Sometimes, she forgoes the greeting altogether and just starts with "How are you?"

When she doesn't see them, that's when she stumbles if she tries to name them individually.  Since she will repeat questions asking what they're doing, she's now stumbling over the names repeatedly.  

My kids either haven't picked up on the challenge Lyn is having with their names or they have chosen to not say anything thing.  Knowing my children, it is that they haven't noticed yet.  When they do, I'm prepared to discuss this with them.  They know Aunt Lyn has a disease of the brain and that it is making permanent changes.  They know there is no cure and that she'll die at a young age as a result.  This will just be another part of that on-going conversation.


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