Corn and the Cob

For as long as I can remember, Mom has blanched and frozen ears of corn each Summer.  This way, there is sweet corn corn on the cob available even in the dark months of Winter.

Last week, Mom and Lyn decided they wanted some corn on the cob for dinner.  Mom cooked some up and placed an ear of corn on each of their plates.  Lyn picked hers up and took a big bite.  She got a very worried look on her face and started spitting out her mouthful.  "There is something wrong with my corn!". She was very upset.  It was fortunate that she had spit it out because she had actually bitten through the cob.  There were thick, woody chunks of cob attached to the kernels which she could not safely chew much less digest.  

Mom apologized for giving Lyn "a bad ear of corn" and quickly removed it from her plate.  The corn remaining in freezer has been passed to an uncle so that it does not go to waste.  Mom and I are concerned that Lyn no longer understand how to eat corn on the cob safely.  


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