Conversations with the Physician

Mom spoke with Lyn's physician last week.  They discussed the emotional outburst and the pending travel.

The physician was glad to hear that Mom is taking a realistic outlook when saying "When the next event occurs, we will need to " add in medication to stabilize Lyn's mood.  Mom and the physician are in agreement that not only will Lyn need a mood stabilizer soon, but that more outbursts are going to happen.  I think that Mom's interaction with the support group has been a good source of information and insight from other caregivers who have already been through the stage where Lyn is at today.

When the conversation turned to their pending trip here for Thanksgiving, Mom discussed the fact that it is going to be challenging.  Lyn will be out of her home environment and will have more stimuli than normal.  Of particular challenge will be navigating the airports.  Both my brother and Mom's lovely neighbor have urged her to arrange for Lyn to have access to a wheelchair and steward for assistance in getting from door to plane and back.  The logic is that Lyn's unstable and while the distances involved are not too great, the confusion of the people around them, the need to go up ramps, down escalators, through long halls, the train at the Virginia airport and the short time available to board or disembark have all are a factor of getting Lyn through without a melt-down.  With the wheelchair assistance, she'll be able to sit and talk (or cry if necessary) while constantly making progress toward the destination.  The physician said "Listen to them.  It is the exact thing I was going to suggest as well."  Mom has made the arrangements.

We are pretty sure this is going to be Lyn's last trip out.  We previously had ruled out such a trip but have realized that if she's still able to, even with the challenges, it is worth the effort.


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