Learning Each Day

Each day, we learn something new about my sister.  On Sunday, she liked hot chocolate.  On Tuesday, she did not.  On Sunday, she liked ketchup.  On Tuesday she did not.  She does not like almonds unless she sees you eating one.  

There are a few things we are not having to learn.  She still likes spaghetti and does not like posole.  To keep from guessing and getting it wrong, we just ask her.  When we ask, we are prepared for whatever answer she offers up.  If she says "No.  Hot chocolate does not agree with me." We just move on as if the statement has always been true and is not just true this moment.

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I am sure she will reject some of the day's offerings.  That is fine.  She will not go hungry.  She says she likes turkey but does not like dressing at all.  She does not like potatoes au gratin but does like scalloped potatoes which also have cheese.

Yes, they are the same.


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