Picking Bones

After dinner yesterday, Lyn offered to pick the turkey carcass clean of meat.  She's done this for years and it makes her feel like she's got an important job.  It is a very useful job and I'm happy to let her do it.

Mom got her set up at the table so she could comfortably pick the bones and then watched for a few minutes to make sure it was going well.  Very quickly, Mom realized she needed to sit across from Lyn, using the excuse that she needed to finish her wine.  For the first time, Lyn needed direction to place what she had pulled off the bone into the correct pile.  There was one platter for the meat and one for the fat, skin and bones.  Lyn struggled to figure out which was the correct pile.

At one point, Lyn asked Mom "This piece is stuck.  Can I just bite it off?"  Mom encouraged her to use the knife that was on the platter.

I appreciate that.


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