Mom and Lyn recently winterized their home.  The swamp cooler has been shut down for the year and the heat turned on.  Their winter clothes were brought out and the summer clothes put away.  The weather has already turned cold though they may have a warm day here or there.  Mom is already sending me the snow accumulation reports from different locations around the state.

Mom had not yet switched out the bedding on my sister's bed when Lyn remembered it and asked for it.  While Lyn was out, Mom switched out the bedding without supervision.  Lyn started using it that night.

I am not sure how she does it, but I suspect she could sleep in a sauna with a blanket.  The oxygen condenser produces a lot of heat.  Even with that next to her, she sleeps under multiple blankets, a comforter and has her electic blanket on all night.  She also has on flannel pajamas and socks.  No, she does not sweat away the night.

When she comes to visit this month, she will be sleeping in the coolest room of the house.  However, she will have the oxygen condenser warming up the room.  We have no electric blanket, but there are a ton of blankets that we can pile on her.  If she needs wool socks, we will pass some to her.  She will make it though I expect a comment or two if she thinks we should have electric blankets.  If she does, I will tell her we don't have them because my husband and kids can barely keep a regular blanket on all night.  They woul be uncomfortable to sleep in the heat she prefers.  If I attribute it to them, she will accept that answer.

Grandma was the same way.


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