Sun in Her Eyes

The day this was taken may have been brisk, but the sun, in typical New Mexico fashion, was bright and in her eyes.  When she comes to VA in a couple of days, she may find she needs her sunglasses less because we tend to be a bit more overcast.

The oxygen condenser arrived yesterday.  One more thing is now in place to make her visit as easy on her as possible.  It may be a challenge for us, but we want her to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.  We expect there to be tears and emotional outbursts.  They're the name of the game right now.  We also know to not take it personally.  It is the disease talking, trying to control, interrupting and being demanding.  We can deal with that.  What's a week with an Alzheimer's patient when you've dealt with traumatized children coming into foster care?

We've got this covered!


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