Oxygen to Go

With Mom and Lyn planning a trip out here, we have had to figure out what to do about Lyn's need for oxygen at night.  I live close to sea level.  She lives above a mile in elevation.  The oxygen here is more dense than it is there.  However, it is not enough to compensate for her needs.

Lyn's oxygen condensor is a home model.  This means it is bigger than a bread box and not considered a travel or portable model.  It is on wheels and does not have a strap for easy carrying.  There are portable models which a person can carry with them when they need the oxygen condenser 24/7.  Lyn only needs hers when she sleeps.  Because of the size of her personal unit, it doesn't make any sense for her to have to worry about bringing it with her.  Fortunately, there are ways to rent a portable or home unit for periods of travel.

I looked around and found a couple of local companies which provide oxygen condensers and inquired into a week-long rental.  The first company said they would need to get manager approval and would call me back.  They not only didn't return my call, they didn't return my second call.  The second company never presented an opportunity to speak with someone.  I gave up after sitting on hold for nearly 45 minutes.  I wondered if their lines really were flooded people needing respiratory support or if they didn't have enough employees to answer their lines in a reasonable amount of time.

I broadened my search and looked beyond local providers.  In short order, I was able to secure a rental which will be shipped out prior to their arrival.  The representative was polite and efficient and the entire transaction took less than an hour including faxing a copy of Lyn's prescription for an oxygen condenser.  The representative even kindly asked how often Lyn travels because the rental for one week is about half the price of a new machine purchase.  I thanked him for the tip, acknowledged I was aware of the costs but pointed out that this is most likely her last trip and one-time need.

So, if you ever find yourself needing an oxygen condenser for travel, know that they can be found with a little time searching the net.


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