Laughing at Ourselves

Mom and Lyn are here much to our delight.

Over dinner last night, one of my children expressed a wish to not have a particular life challenge.  Mom and I have both had to manage conversations like this and can take them in stride.  I considered my child for a moment before motioning towards each of us seated at the table and saying "I understand.  However, you just got the luck of the genetic draw and each one of us faces our own challenges." My child thought about what I was saying while looking at Aunt Lyn.  A look of understanding and acceptance crossed kiddo's face before the head was nodded.  I waited again and followed with "Take me for example.  I am challenged with this radiant beauty." Kiddo burst out laughing and Mom choked on her bite.  "Sometimes, it helps it you can laugh at yourself."

Lyn, in all earnestness, turned to me and said "You can laugh at yourself.  Just don't do it in a mirror. I tried it and it does not work.  No mmmmmm!"

After dinner wii bowling

She is full of wisdom and the table was ringed in laughter.


  1. Many years ago our son Jason, said, "You remember me, but you do not know me."

    Where did he get that statement? Sometimes out of the blue . . .

  2. It is so striking when comments like Jason's are made. Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate the stories of him.


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