We are in the countdown of days until Mom and Lyn brave travel to come visit us.  Lyn is excited but getting nervous.

She's started to worry about where they will park the car.  Mom needed to go by the airport this weekend and showed Lyn where they will park.  Mom will have to repeat her plans to Lyn each day.

Lyn is also worried about when they will pack their bags.  She does not want Mom to pack her carry-on for her.  Lyn wants to pack it herself.  Mom assured Lyn that only Lyn will pack her carry-on.  Mom will respect her request.

I have received confirmation that the oxygen condenser is en route and will arrive on Tuesday.

The room where Lyn will sleep was cleaned this weekend and will be cleaned again just before they arrive. Once I give it a second cleaning, I'll close up the room to keep the cats out.  This will hopefully reduce the allergens for Lyn and make it easier for her to sleep.  I've already picked out a quilt for her to use and taken it to the dry cleaners so that it is nice and clean for her.

When I spoke with her yesterday, Lyn started trying to take control by telling us when we needed to go shopping and what we should do when they arrive in Virginia.  I quickly countered that they will have spent a couple of hours on a plane and had a busy day.  So, I suggested, that we just come to my home and get comfortable for the evening.  She didn't look pleased.  I've offered to fix anything she wants for dinner if she can think of it.  She seems to have accepted this alternate plan for the day they arrive.

We both have a busy schedule for the week before their visit.  However, we're all excited that we'll be seeing each other soon.


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