Steak and Chinese Food

Last week, Mom was planning to grill some steak for dinner.  When she told this to Lyn who had asked what was for dinner, Lyn quickly informed her "I'm tired of having to eat steak all the time."  They had eaten chicken for several days leading up to this moment.

Mom quickly apologized because she didn't know that Lyn was tired of steak.  She asked what Lyn wanted and Lyn initially said "I don't know."  This is her typical response these days.  However, Mom prompted her again by saying, "If you can think of it, I will fix it."  Lyn thought for a moment and suggested meatloaf.

Mom accepted the suggestion without laughing.  The last time she had made meatloaf, Lyn had told her how much she disliked meatloaf.  (She also now dislikes apple juice and chocolate milk too.)  Mom didn't remind Lyn of her dislike for meatloaf and quickly put one together.

Knowing Lyn's lack of food consistency these days as well as her susceptibility, we've decided to use the power of suggestion on her.  She's never been willing to try Chinese food and we love it.  We have asked her if she would like to get lunch from a little restaurant by my house which serves "Chicken and noodles."  She asked what was in the dish and I described the components of chicken lo mien to her.  She decided that sounded like a good option.  We told her the restaurant served Chinese food too but that she could stick with the chicken and noodles if that was what she wanted.  When asked what else they had, I described a couple of other items by their components and not their names.  Doing it this way met with her approval.

We have used this approach before with success.  I made braised ox tails the last time they were here and we just told her it was beef.  Before serving it to her, I removed the meat from the bone.  She was happy.

We'll see if it works.  If not, we've always got a Plan B in place.


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