Bowling in 2012

Lyn's now bowling on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of Thursdays and Saturdays.  As a result, I'll post bowling scores on Fridays. 

The bowling alley no longer offers the deal on Saturdays that it did.  The deal is available on Tuesdays, however.  This works out well because Lyn's not interested in attending the Tuesday night dinner club which has been a weekly part of her life for nearly 10 years.

The challenge with bowling on Thursdays is that Lyn is getting rude and agitated if she is assigned to a different lane than she is used to or if the bowlers who share her lane are more animated than she wants.  Her respite provider has had to intervene and remind Lyn to use her manners.  Lyn is requiring closer supervision during her bowling sessions.

Mom asked Lyn's respite provider if she is seeing more mental decline.  She said not really.  What she has noticed is a negative attitude, almost "poor me, the world is against me."  She did say there have been a few times when Lyn is hostile but feels like she can't say anything.  Mom asked Lyn's respite provider to speak up and suggest that if Lyn is not feeling well maybe she should return home.  This could cause Lyn to burst into tears which may also indicate that she should return home.  Mom has asked that Lyn's respite provider notify her of these behavior incidents so they can be logged and reported to Lyn's case managers and physician. 

Mom states, "I am not prepared for this to happen so quickly!  In reality, I'm as prepared as possible but just hate to see her decline so fast.  On the other hand, she probably is further along with this disease than we think.  I think I'll make an appt with Lyn's physician."


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