Visiting a Day Hab

Mom and Lyn had an appointment to visit the Very Special Arts day hab facility this week.  They arrived at the appointed time and received a tour of the facilities.  The day hab employee showed them all of the activities which included stations for arts and crafts, sewing and even singing.  As they toured, Lyn spotted people she knew from her various social activities and Special Olympics.  They even were surprised to see Lyn's speech therapist walk in to work with a client who was at the facility.

On the way home Lyn was quiet and just shrugged her shoulders when asked what she thought.  Mom commented that they have a lot going on.  Mom asked her if she was interested and she looked confused.  Mom asked if she thought she might like to do arts and crafts all day a couple times a week.  Lyn's response was "No.  Maybe for a little while, but not like what they were doing."  She then apologized.  Mom assured Lyn that it was up to her.  Lyn has time to consider what she wants to do as they will be visiting other places.  Additionally, at this location at least, there is a minimum waiting period of 6 months for an opening.


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