Hygiene is Becoming an Issue

Back in November, Mom realized that she had to take over washing Lyn's hair.  Mom has been keeping Lyn's hair in good order.  However, she may soon have to intervene with other aspects of Lyn's personal care.

The other night, after Lyn's bath, Mom asked if she washed her face.  "NO, I didn't feel like it." was the response.  When asked what did she wash, Lyn stated that she washed under her arms and just soaked what was under the water in the tub.  She prefers baths to showers so this didn't cover much.

The next night, Lyn stated she washed everything.  However, it is something Mom's going to have to keep tabs on because poor hygiene is a common problem with dementia as individuals forget to take care of their basic bodily needs.  I'm not sure how Lyn will react when Mom starts having to be involved with bathing.  I'm not sure how Mom will react either.  I know she can do it.  I also know it is a significant change and an added stress.


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