Doing a 560

Mom decided that Nikka needed a bath today much to Lyn's amusement.  The dog was stinky and Mom hates dog stink despite loving dogs.

Working together, Mom and Lynn picked up Nikka and put her in Mom's tub.  She put her head on the side of the tub and didn't move a muscle.  Nikka has some of the saddest eyes I have ever seen and I'm sure she looked absolutely dejected.  Lyn stood back and laughed till tears ran down her cheeks.  The dog's eyes looked up as if to say she knew Lyn was making fun of her.  When Mom got the dog rinsed off she was afraid Nikka would jump out but she didn't move.

Mom dried Nikka as much as possible while she was still in the tub.  Lyn moved the bath rug over and they convinced her to jump out of the tub.  She landed on the rug but headed into the bedroom and shook.  Fortunately her hair is so short that the shaking didn't result in water going onto anything.  Mom toweled her off some more before Nikka started running around.

Lyn was having a ball laughing at Nikka's antics because as the dog runs, she twirls around.  When Lyn could talk again, she kept saying "She keeps doing a 560!"  Mom pretended to not hear what Lyn said and asked her to repeat it.  "She keeps doing a 560."  Mom says "Actually, as much as Nikka was twirlling it probably was 560."

So now the dog smells nice, like a strawberry and Lyn laughed until her sides hurt and tears streamed down her face.  Griz used to make her laugh that hard, too.

After three days of naked hostility from Lyn, it was a nice break for them all.


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