Lyns Birthday Wish

For her birthday, Lyn wanted Mom to buy her a new pair bowling shoes.  Here's what she got.

I had to laugh when they showed the shoes to me.  They described them as "white with some black splatters on the heel."  I took one look and complimented Lyn for her skulls.  I didn't know that bowling shoes had skulls.  They were a bit surprised because neither had noticed.

Lyn likes them.  She's already used them for the two bowling shoes this week.  She says they helped her have a good afternoon bowling.

Lyn takes good care of her bowling shoes and these will last a long time.


  1. Happy belated birthday, are awesome!!! <3 btw those are cool bowling shoes!!!

  2. No belated wishes. Tomorrow is actually Lyn's birthday. I just wanted to highlight her shoes and tie it into the bowling scores.


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